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"Reminiscing" (Love Me Again) Original song by Shirley Malcolm Sheppard

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Duration: 00:04:35
“Reminiscing” is one of several bluegrass songs I have written. This song tells a sad story of remorse - a singer who chose fortune and fame over love, only to have deep regrets in his after-fame years.
Produced by Gerry Peters, a leading musician, arranger and producer in Nashville. Among Gerry’s many credits is arranger for the very popular Amy Grant. He plays bass on this song, guitar ace and grammy award winner Andy Riess on guitar, and Tim Lorsch, a multi-talented dominant presence in Nashville recording studios, plays fiddle and mandolin. Vocal is by Ray Barnette, one of the most talented and versatile singers on the music scene and Grand Ole Opry staff singer.
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11/09/18 07:43:24PM @admin:
What a nice song and great production
About shirleymalcolmsheppard

I hail from central Florida and now live in the Atlanta,Georgia, USA area. I write mostly traditional bluegrass and country, but also traditional pop and gospel.

Credits include:

•  The music to “Did You Ever See a Christmas Like This One?” was used in the movie, Shredder

•  Grand Ole Opry and Living Legend star, Ernie Ashworth, recorded “Reminiscing” on Gary Bradshaw’s label

•  Dr. David Dees, former Dean at the University of Central Florida, recorded “Forgetting You” on his Pine Grove label.

•  Former publisher, editor and contributing writer of the Florida Country Music News

• Songwriter of the Year 2002 – Lone Star State CMA

• Country Music News Publication of the Year 2002 – Lone Star State CMA

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