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FORGETTING YOU - Original song by Shirley Malcolm Sheppard

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Duration: 00:03:53
“Forgetting You” is a bluegrass song that I wrote several years ago and the highly acclaimed Gerry Peters just added a video. Gerry plays piano, bass and drums, the very talented Tim Lorsch plans fiddle and mandolin, and Nashville’s guitar whiz Andy Riess on guitars. And sung as only Ray Barnette can sing a bluegrass number. This guy is on another planet!

“Forgetting You” was recorded by Dr. David Dees’ popular bluegrass band, Pine Grove Bluegrass Band. Dr. Dees is a past Dean at the University of Central Florida and had this to say in a press release: “What I like about Shirley Sheppard’s lyrics is the natural, conversational quality they have. There is no sense of forced rhyme or an awkward phrase thrown in just to complete a verse, but instead a smooth flow of words as natural as conversation. To my way of thinking, good lyrics must first of all be believable. When combined with a great melody, her songs are terrific.”

Mike “Ironman” Curtis, Hollywood, California: “Shirley Sheppard’s lyrics touch your soul without being maudlin or melodramatic. I’m hard to please in this respect, having a repertoire in excess of 15,000 songs and being a songwriter myself. Shirley is right up there on the very top. In a nutshell, every song I have heard of hers is hit material! Oh, and she’s a whale of a vocalist as well. All in all, a formidable yet pleasing package.”
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Jim Whitman
14/07/18 04:59:38AM @jim-whitman:
I very much like this song Ma'am, always looking for new songs to compliment my own on new albums.
About shirleymalcolmsheppard

I hail from central Florida and now live in the Atlanta,Georgia, USA area. I write mostly traditional bluegrass and country, but also traditional pop and gospel.

Credits include:

•  The music to “Did You Ever See a Christmas Like This One?” was used in the movie, Shredder

•  Grand Ole Opry and Living Legend star, Ernie Ashworth, recorded “Reminiscing” on Gary Bradshaw’s label

•  Dr. David Dees, former Dean at the University of Central Florida, recorded “Forgetting You” on his Pine Grove label.

•  Former publisher, editor and contributing writer of the Florida Country Music News

• Songwriter of the Year 2002 – Lone Star State CMA

• Country Music News Publication of the Year 2002 – Lone Star State CMA

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