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@shirleymalcolmsheppard, 10/07/18 03:30:33AM


Thank you so much! This is a great service to songwriters.
@ukdenny, 10/07/18 02:15:03AM


I was so impressed by your songwriting it inspired me to add Songwriters to our website.
Wishing you every success.
About shirleymalcolmsheppard

I hail from central Florida and now live in the Atlanta,Georgia, USA area. I write mostly traditional bluegrass and country, but also traditional pop and gospel.

Credits include:

•  The music to “Did You Ever See a Christmas Like This One?” was used in the movie, Shredder

•  Grand Ole Opry and Living Legend star, Ernie Ashworth, recorded “Reminiscing” on Gary Bradshaw’s label

•  Dr. David Dees, former Dean at the University of Central Florida, recorded “Forgetting You” on his Pine Grove label.

•  Former publisher, editor and contributing writer of the Florida Country Music News

• Songwriter of the Year 2002 – Lone Star State CMA

• Country Music News Publication of the Year 2002 – Lone Star State CMA

This is my latest original bluegrass song Click Here