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Wind Beneath My Wings
The Rose

The Rose

album: Look For Me In Rainbows
genre: Country
Sunrise, Sunset
Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On
Look For Me In Rainbows
If I Never Sing Another Song
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Ryan Dior
About Ryan Dior

Well, if you Goole Ryan Dior you will know who I am lord knows I have had so much stuff about me removed from the internet that I give up now. I write and act, I mostly write for T.V. and also do much ghost writing, for others in the biz, my wish is to work with the great Brendan O’Carroll
I don't do facebook", so I have told many in the past, but gave in to pressure from my friends and family, but, I draw the line at Twitter, who on this blessed planet would want the nation to know how many strands of loo role one uses, and, their every move.

Errr remember the phone/mobile/email,, ect,, none are worse than the guy's in my line of work, there the bloody worst??? Aren’t we Phil Schofield why is it an insecurity thing? I am dyslexic but I don’t let it bother me.

I used to have a sweet horse called Manopoly 18 hands, don’t ride now. I love to race cars on the track, had a few near misses. 

I have just started to write my own stuff, errr for me that is, and not for anybody else to take the credit unless it's my favourite writer Actor director, and producer the one and only. Irelands most famous comedians Pat Shortt, as they do when I ghost write. 

I love Dog's but after my last one died, I felt that after many years of having dogs, I have done my bit for the animals who share this world with us, and am now able to travel without constantly worrying about them, I am left now with just one cat she’s 12/13or could be 14, after she has seen her life then no more.
I have done a few films and intend on doing much more now that I can please myself when and who to write for.

I was asked if I could sing, well you can be the judge. Check out my offerings.

junior strickland