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Rockabilly Rebel

Rockabilly Rebel

album: Country Love

genre: Country

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audio file: mp3, 5MB, 00:02:42

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23/06/18 06:05:48PM @admin:
This is one of my alltime favouries from Rick Wild. Rick is a very versatile artist who can cross-over from 60s to toe tapping Country in a heartbeat. A great song from a seasoned singer
Rick Wild
About Rick Wild

Lead Singer in the International hit making group The Overlanders.

Rick is signed to two of our Record labels ... MrBenidorm Records and Soundblitz Records.

A very versatile singer who just enjoys entertaining, Country or 60s. His recordings are available on all worldwide premier digital platforms. As with most of our Artists on this site we offer their recordings at a discounted download price.

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