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Cory Elrod
About Cory Elrod

Cory Elrod – Thumb in the wind'

Was born and raised in Limestone Co. Alabama, USA. He began playing the fiddle at the age of seven. At 12 years of age he began playing music all across the south east and was brought to the attention of country music legend Tony Douglas while in Texas. He was mentored by Tony Douglas and appeared on his shows in and around Texas. It was with the help of Cory's dad and Tony that the album 'Thumb In The Wind' was made possible, 10 of the twelve songs on the album where penned by Cory.

Since the passing of Tony Douglas Cory continues to write songs and perform across the southern United States with his band 'The Hitchhikers' Cory has had the privilege of sharing the stage and playing with many country legends and even played with the father of rock and roll Chuck Berry.

Now aged 24 Cory is ready to take the Country Music world by storm, this his first album was made available on the Soundblitz Records label worldwide in June 2013.

We predict a great future for as Cory describes himself ' A Country Boy'

Soundblitz Records

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