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  • Article From One Of Our Recording Studio Friends In Nashville

    Possibly I can be of assistance to you here in Nashville. Check out my website to see what I do in my studio. You're welcome to email me or call me if you like, even if it's only for some advice and guidance.

    I own Midi Magic Studio & Alleluia Christian Music Productions. Nashville has quite a talent pool of musicians and singers that I can use. I'm used to working long distance when that's necessary. I can add musicians to your projects or start new projects in my studio.

    My website has a wealth of free information and advice. Please visit http://gprecordingstudio.com and hear the wide range of styles we record and are able to create.

    I'm a Nashville session Keyboard player and producer that has recorded for numerous Major Artists. Midi-Magic Studio is a Recording Studio for aspiring Artists and Songwriters from novice to signed Artists.

    It's also the home of Alleluia Christian Music Productions
    where we produce Albums for Christian Music Artists. We offer help starting a Music Ministries. We're happy to provide free email and phone advice. http://gprecordingstudio.com/alleluia-christian-music-productions/

    One thing that makes my studio stand out from many others is the personal interest I take in the the people I work with. I take time to advise and offer guidance, giving knowledge and tips on how best to navigate the music industry to bring more success. I bring a lot to the table as a Nashville session player, producer, engineer, writer, and positive person. I'm not one to just turn knobs and get a great recording, I'm there for you, freely sharing what I've learned for decades in the music industry.

    Check out my Facebook pages to get a glimpse of how I interract with singers and writers.
    My YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj4Av0KlItDkxiin_oieroA

    Gerry Peters
    Midi Magic Studio
    & Alleluia Christian Music Productions