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Get Radio Airplay Royalties - ISRC Code Embedding

Get Radio Airplay Royalties - ISRC Code Embedding
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There are three possibilities of encoding that information. We can help you with achieving all of them:

  1. Just the ISRC code is embedded. This allows the information to be pulled from online databases which your Internet-connected devices access.

  2. All of the information is embedded directly in the file. (Yes, we can even embed the cover images.) This allows devices that are not connected to the Internet, like car stereos, MP3 players, CD players, etc. to display the information about your song.

  3. The ISRC plus all of the information is embedded in the file. This permits offline devices to display the information stored and online devices to have the option to display the stored information OR to pull the most current information from online databases.

  4. Cost is £23.00 GBP approx $30 USD

ISRC Code: ISRC Code is Registered by us (Soundblitz Records) with PPLUK - The UK Sound Recording Database.It is recognised Worldwide.
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