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What do our Members say about JustCountry.co.uk

By: ukdenny
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What do our Members say about JustCountry.co.uk

We have opened this section for comments from our Members. What do they really think of the site. Is it useful for them? Is it easy to use? Is the Support System up to scratch? Do they have a wishlist of what we could do to improve the site.

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Apache Jan
11/09/18 11:24:24AM @the-apaches:
Its been a pleasure joining justcountry.co.uk
It a perfect Platform to stage your Band/ Music. The Site has the most helpful Managment/ Admin. that you need to plain sail through set up.The System allows freedom to post/ share and recieve feedback all at NO COST,NO HIDDEN AGENDAS. Its ALL FREE of Charge. I highly reccommend all to get onboard. You dont need to be a vocalist, Muscian, Manager etc.This FREE Site is for anyone to join to simply enjoy the Sounds of the many who have already joined. DONT DELAY JOIN TODAY FOLKS! ITS JUST BRILLIANT!

11/09/18 06:13:55PM @shirleymalcolmsheppard:
I endorse Denny Steer’s services unconditionally!

Having endured the devastating experience of having several hit songs stolen from me when I was a young girl (now considered classics, and some still being recorded), and getting no restitution after years of legal hassles, I’m not one to trust people on the surface, specifically in the music business, and especially when free services are offered.

After being positively convinced with the recommendations I got on Denny Steer, I embraced Justcountry.co.uk. and can say without any reserve that joining has been a very rewarding experience. Being a songwriter, but not a performer, I must depend on other sources to publicize my songs, and Justcountry has been the perfect solution to getting widespread exposure. Benefits of being a member include international streaming of videos and audio, labels or demos. The web site is easy to navigate and artists can promote themselves; and nonmembers music fans can listen and comment. There are absolutely no strings attached to this advantageous package! Free to join! No hidden statements! No contracts! Hard to believe, I know, but there’s nothing to lose, and much to gain!

I recommend Denny Steer’s Justcountry.co.uk without any reservations!

James P Denney
01/11/18 12:50:00PM @jp-denney:
Mr. Denny Steer, I'm thankful for your on air radio play time of the song, White Lilies for Princess Di. Thanks again.